About Us

Our Site Office choice is expanding with this new shipment of Atco Offices. We can refit these offices to suit your needs – or maybe you’ll find the perfect one in our yard.The biggest is this 250m2 unit with 18 air conditioners – perhaps a new house rural property in Australia?
why About 18 months ago we were asked to assist with preparing some portable offices to go to a mine office. We had the physical space, we had the time (things were a bit quiet) and it did in some ways fit with our existing business, recycling conveyor belt so we thought why not, we can recycle workspaces as well. Although the original order for the mine office didn’t go ahead we decided to go ahead anyway and add site office to what we offer.

We now carry a stock of up to 12 portable sites at any one time, and are always sourcing replacement stock. Our portable site office stock is usually based around the standard portable office constructions which are 3m wide, then in lengths of;

  • 6m
  • 9m
  • 12m

Then if you need something larger we can offer multiple combinations, for example 9m x 6m (which is 2, 9m units joined), right up to 12m x 18m (6, 12m x 3m units joined together – this has been our largest building to date)

what do we offer – we aim to supply a good quality used building at an affordable price. Initially we clean and touch up the external painting on every Australian made building, aiming to provide a neutral colour scheme that will fit into most new locations. Our chosen colours for the portable buildings are off white external sheeting, with a black trim/guttering however we can change this if a client requires (we have done, blue, red, green and grey trim and cream walls in the past). We then repair any significant internal damage, getting the building is ready for sale.

We offer the transportable buildings initially as-is, after all, if you want to use the reuse the building as a site office, a meeting room or maybe for storage it is ready to go. Or if the new owner wants to modify it themselves to their own specific requirements and save money on the whole exercise we can support that with some suggestions on where to source materials, etc.

But if required we can also offer to do the required modifications and construction for you, either using our team or bringing in specialist sub contractors (e.g. electricians, plumbers, painters, etc) as required. Some of the varied buildings we have supplied in the last 12 months;

  • Combined school of the air classroom/lounge for a rural property
  • Shearers kitchen
  • 2 bedroom unit (c/w kitchen & bathroom) for rural B&B
  • Store c/w commercial kitchen for outback station

We can also help it getting transport to your location if required

Our clients – from small businesses needing extra office space or meeting rooms in Brisbane QLD, though to rural properties after extra space for workers or even a new residence for the owner.